• Precision: ISO 1940 Dynamic Balance G1 verified, which provides a high level of precision and low vibration.
  • Arrangement: the arrangement of rotors and stators are direct drive inside the spindle. This design improves transmission efficiency and reduces the weight of head. Furthermore, it helps reduce the inertia of the Z-axis and assures the stability of spindle performance. There is an optional encoder for the enhancement of positioning and speed feedback, which can optimize the electro-mechanical operation.
  • Rigidity: Using wider support base incorporating spring preload design, which allows high rigidity, low thermal growth and low thermal expansion.
  • Clamping mechanism: utilizing German-made disc springs. With accurate calculation, it ensures a consistent amount of clamping force applied, a long lifespan of the springs. It also uses Pull Stud Type Clamping Force to secure the high reliability of the clamping mechanism.
  • Sealing: incorporating air curtain and the labyrinth seal design on the front end to efficiently prevent the penetration of the cutting liquid and invasion of foreign objects so that the spindle will function well under harsh working conditions. It also ensures the stability of the spindle in order that clients can reach optimum processing efficiency.
  • Cutting liquid: equipped with coolant jet system on the front end that allows appropriate adjustments according to the length of the workpiece and tool, and enhance the performance of any cooling, lubrication and residue removal necessary during the cutting process. An optional Coolant Through Spindle system is available as well.
Type HF08PI20
Sleeve O.D. Ø80
Speed (rpm) 36000
Tool Holder ISO20
Bearing Front 7006*2
Rear 7004*2
Motor 2.0kW / 380V
2.0kW / 220V
Clamping Force (kgf) 120±10%
Unclamping Type Air Pressure
Cooling Method Oil-cooling / 1000kcal
Lubrication Grease
Air Pressure 4.5-6 kgf/cm2
Oil Pressure -
Encoder Optional
Dynamic Balance G1